Status Platinum Vodka Bottle

6x distilled



Status Crush Vodka Drink2oz STATUS Platinum Vodka
4oz orange juice
1 pinch of salt (optional)
Build in a highball glass over ice.
Garnish with an orange slice.



 Status Platinum Vodka Royal Drink2oz STATUS Platinum Vodka
1oz Martini Extra Dry
One olive
Pour STATUS and Martini into a cocktail glass.
Garnish with an olive.



Status Top Gun Vodka Drink2oz STATUS Platinum Vodka
1½oz Martini Bianco
1½oz Blue Curacao Liquor
1½oz Apple juice
One cherry
Shake STATUS, Martini and Blue Curacao with ice.
Strain into a cocktail glass.
Pour the glass of apple juice into the cocktail glass.
Garnish with a cherry.