Status Platinum Vodka Bottle

6x distilled


Status "Platinum" Premium Vodka - Six Times Distilled
Available in 750ml. 40% alcohol/volume (80 proof)

Status "Platinum" comprises not only ingredients of exceptional quality as well as the flavored alcohol of chicory and clean artesian water, but also the creative labor of professional masters of one of the oldest distilleries in the Ukraine.

At first glance, Status "Platinum" produces the feeling of exclusiveness, masculinity and reliability. This beverage is for self-confident and successful people. You can feel what becomes more valuable for modern man.

The design of the bottle was created by the best masters of glass art, which completely protects the consumer from a possible forgery.

Presidential Standart

Vodka of elite class. It has particular taste in the best traditions of classic vodka and possesses of extraordinary softness. The beverage is made according to the classical Ukrainian technology from high quality grain spirit <<Lux>>, crystal mineral water and natural components. Extraordinary taste and softness of the President Standart are the result of particular additives. It is bottled in exclusive bottle, specially made in EU. Alcohol content 40%. Volume 750ml. Presidential Standart - official vodka of state and international events in Ukraine.